Each affiliate marketer is constantly looking for the a hit market that offers the largest paycheck. Once in a while they think it’s miles a magic formula that is easily available for them. Clearly, it’s far more complex than that. It’s miles simply correct advertising practices that have been validated over years of difficult work and dedication.Because the continuing changing market i’ve started this website just to provide you (affilliate ) marketers with some free stuff i find (or allready have)  .

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Long Tail Keyword Pro

Source: Long Tail Keyword Pro

Long Tail Pro automatically calculates a simple 0-100 score based on a proprietary algorithm that is consistently being tested and tweaked.
Start using the step-by-step system that has been tested to death and continues to work FLAWLESSLY regardless of any Google update or algorithm change.Follow this formula and replicate what Spencer’s students have been able to do…



Keyword Research
Long Tail Pro is FASTER than ever!I’m talking 8x FASTER than Market Samurai. Find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword – with the ability to capture literally thousands of keywords in seconds. Find out how many people are actually searching a keyword or phrase each month.

Competitor Analysis:
Save countless hours by having Long Tail Pro quickly analyze the top 10 results in Google for each of your keywords. Find out important SERP data like keyword usage in the Title and Meta tags, Domain & Page Authority, Moz Rank, Pagerank, # of Backlinks, Domain Age


More about Keywords :

On the internet, keywords are terms or words that
relate to particular topics. Keyword research will
involve various aspects, such as finding sales
oriented keywords or driving maximum qualified
users to increase their online sales.

Keyword research is the first step towards a
successful search engine optimization campaign.
You have to be very careful when selecting keywords,
as it can be very tricky to select targeted keywords
for a website.

The selection of keywords should always be based on
various aspects such as product names, services,
brands, or general terms. Often times, people forget
about targeting geographical terms when they have
global presence.

When doing keyword research, it’s highly recommended
to do a very thorough market research analysis to
find the best keywords used by search engines to
find products and services online – and find out
what keywords are targeted by competitors who are
doing well in marketing on the internet.

The first step in finding the best keywords is to
make a list of the products, topics, and services
that you offer. You can also make good use of your
website logs to know which keywords have brought
you the traffic
in the past.

Be sure to select keywords that clearly define your
business and products to drive traffic from the
search engines. There are some websites which get
high levels of traffic through general keywords
although they might not end up being sales.

Today, users of search engines are aware of how
they work, for searching products and services on
the net. Users always look for the better products,
locations, etc. Therefore, you should cover all
terms for each – products, locatins, etc.

There are numerous tools available which will help
you identify keywords that are suitable for search
engines. The challenge here, is to determine which
keyword is the best to generate traffic.

Source: Long Tail Keyword Pro

Boost up your Affiliate Commission

boost affiliate commisionsMany of the affiliate marketers always try searching new way and method to get big check from affiliate marketing. They always think that there is magical ways to make them earn commission from affiliate marketing and they think that everything is ready for them. The truth is, there are not easier way and secret path for them to successful in affiliate marketing. They only way that they can do is changed their attitude and mind setting.
Nothing else…

But, Oh yes, the technology has changed and also the techniques in affiliate marketing. In this article, I have given you the 3 top tips that will help you in your journey in affiliate marketing.
Here are 3 top tips that will help you earn good commission. Repeat this process and you will see the result.

1. Remember always never send your prospect to the merchant page.
This is very important because you are not only selling the products or services but also to presale it. You must always make an honest review of that product and not biased. This method also will help you gain credibility and trusty from your customer

2. Always send your prospect to squeeze page.
This will make them to fill the form about their information and particular details. This method will make you promote products or services over and over again.
They will only become hot prospect when you send them to the merchant page, whereas there are eager and willing to take money from their wallet to make purchase.

Yes you are right, not every one will fill out the form- I don’t care – if you got good squeeze page you will then get benefits and will give you maximum value.
You should think this way- if you just take people and send them to the merchant page that will give around 5 % which is around 100 people only 5 person will buy your products that you promote. But if you have squeeze page, you will build list that will make you sell over and over again.

BUT, don’t think that having a list will make you become successful internet marketers. You should have responsive list which can be achieve by building relationship with them not just promote your product or services. Give them quality content and quality information that they can use. This will make them stay longer on your list

There are also internet marketers successful with small list. This is because the list knows, respect and trust all the product that have been promote.

3. The question is how to drive traffic to my squeeze page? My advice is there are may ways that you can learn and implement in order to attract traffic to your squeeze page. Find the way that suits, it does not matter how you do-learn all that you can and achieve your dreams. Forum, article marketing, seo, pay per clicks, JV, blog, social sites and many more. Just pick one and learn about it. Never learn all at the same time because that will make you not focus.


What You Need To Make Serious Money Online

Only few are making serious money online. Why?

how-to-increase-web-trafficEveryday people are searching the net hoping to find a magic way to make money online. Only few are actually making some serious money online and the rest are struggling. Too much information and is hard to weed out most of the trash on the net.

There are tons of ways to make money online but nothing matters if you don’t know how to work it yourself. You must learn to master few simple skills and knowledge. Amazingly, 70% of folks that are trying to make money online are missing out from the power of the Internet.

Most people believe that your ability to generate traffic to your site will determine your success. That might not be very true and here’s why.

Let’s say I own two site’s selling the same product. Site A generate 1,000+ visitors a day and site B generate only 200+ a day. At the end of the month, site B earns me more money than site A. Why is that? What’s wrong with this scenario?

I’m not saying that driving traffic to your site is not important but why waste your effort generating lots of traffic but your site just not making a sale for you? You see, if you want to make money online you must know how to tap the power of the Internet.

You must implement 3 main things carefully.

1. Make sure your product or service sells itself
2. Your website should be a strong and powerful sales page.
3. Then you can drive as much traffic as you can to your site.


1. A product that can be delivered instantly after the customer orders takes maximum advantage of the Internet and the customers desire for immediate gratification. We all want it now. And when we know we are going to get it now – we are much more likely to place the order.

That’s why information and software products are the hottest selling products on the net today. You can create your own digital product or sell other people’s product as an affiliate.

2. Your website should be a strong and powerful sales page.

A Web Site goes for the sale right then. It is exciting, clear and direct . It gets right to the benefits – what the customer will get when they order.

Avoid trying to build a home page with hundreds of links all over it. If you are seeking to make money online, don’t build a home… Build a “Direct Response Web Site” that makes me a clear offer I can’t refuse and gives me an easy, fast way to order. Then you will make money online. You will be able to make money online even from small amounts of traffic.

3. Then you can drive as much traffic as you can to your site.

The 3rd ingredient is Traffic! The more you generate the more money you make online. This is where you should spend most of your time. There are tons of ways to drive traffic to your site. To put your site in front millions of hungry buyer almost instantly, google adwords will be your best choice.
That’s it. Those 3 ingredients are the key.. !!

Top 10 Reasons of faling home businesses

home-based-businessWhilst you are starting your private home commercial e

nterprise the final factor you want to focus on is failure. In case you deal with the common regions for failure in advance you’ll absolute confidence be successful.

Right here are a few professional opinions approximately what a commercial enterprise owner must and shouldn’t do to hold a brand new enterprise afloat.

1. You begin your commercial enterprise for the wrong motives.
Might the only cause you’ll be starting your very own business be which you could need to make quite a few cash? Or perhaps that you wouldn’t need to solution to all of us else? If so, you’ll better assume once more.

Then again, if you begin your enterprise for those reasons, you may have a higher threat at winning fulfillment:

· you have a passion and love for what you will be doing, and strongly believe based on have a look at and investigation that your products or services might fulfill a real need in the market.
· you’re physically healthy and own the wished mental stamina to face up to potential challenges.
· you have got force, determination, endurance and a high quality mind-set.
· failures don’t defeat you. You analyze from your errors, and use those classes to succeed the following time around.
· You thrive on independence, and are professional at taking fee whilst a innovative or shrewd answer is needed.
· You get along with and can deal with all exceptional kinds of individuals.

2. Poor control

Many domestic groups fail because of negative control. New commercial enterprise proprietors frequently lack applicable commercial enterprise and control knowledge in regions together with finance, shopping, promoting, manufacturing, and hiring and coping with employees. Except you recognize what you don’t do nicely, and seek help, you could quickly face catastrophe.

Forget about of a enterprise can also be its downfall. Care must be taken to frequently observe, prepare, plan and manage all activities of its operations. This consists of the persevering with have a look at of market research and consumer facts, a place which can be not noted by using many once a commercial enterprise has been mounted.

Three. Inadequate Capital

another not unusual for a domestic business is to have inadequate price range for operations. Many home enterprise owners underestimate how an awful lot money is needed and they may be compelled to shut earlier than they actually have had a honest chance to be triumphant. Additionally they might also have an unrealistic expectation of incoming sales from sales.

It is similarly important to consider no longer best the costs of starting, but the costs of staying in enterprise. It’s far essential to take into consideration that many groups take a 12 months or to get going. This means you will need sufficient budget to cowl all charges till sales can eventually pay for those prices.

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